Jean M. Cogdell

Jean M. Cogdell

A writer of children's books, short stories, mysteries, fantasy, literary and flash fiction, romance, and the occasional comedy. Of course, humor is in the eye of the reader, and in our family, there is plenty to go around in my family where today I live in Texas with my husband, (Photo by Bina Sareen photography.)

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Flash Fiction World

Asleep No More

She sat quietly; movement caught her eye, and she hushes the restless child. Another woman moves closer in an attempt to distract the children. The hours drag on, and the little ones fall asleep.
The ...

Flash Fiction World

Tables Turned

by Jean McIntyre Cogdell
(Sachse, TX, USA)
God how’d she get to this point? Her day started simple enough. All she’d done was make one phone call, no big deal, or so she thought.
The table littered w...