Jean M. Cogdell

Jean M. Cogdell

A writer of children's books, short stories, mysteries, fantasy, literary and flash fiction, romance, and the occasional comedy. Of course, humor is in the eye of the reader, and in our family, there is plenty to go around in my family where today I live in Texas with my husband, (Photo by Bina Sareen photography.)

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Angies Diary Online Writing

Running | Angie's Diary

I found the tunnel while running one hot afternoon, the dark passageway a cool respite from the beating Texas sun.
At least that’s what I thought when I first spotted the picturesque benches flanking ...

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Angies Diary Online Writing

The Dance | Angie's Diary

In the dark, she turns, her hand reaching for his face. Their lips touch as they do every night for a quick, goodnight kiss. Tonight in the dark, nose to nose, their eyes meet. His lips brush her mout...